كتاب Methods of Biochemical Analysis Volume 32
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أهلا وسهلاً بك زائرنا الكريم
نتمنى أن تقضوا معنا أفضل الأوقات
وتسعدونا بالأراء والمساهمات
إذا كنت أحد أعضائنا يرجى تسجيل الدخول
أو وإذا كانت هذة زيارتك الأولى للمنتدى فنتشرف بإنضمامك لأسرتنا
وهذا شرح لطريقة التسجيل فى المنتدى بالفيديو :
وشرح لطريقة التنزيل من المنتدى بالفيديو:
إذا واجهتك مشاكل فى التسجيل أو تفعيل حسابك
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يرجى مراسلتنا على البريد الإلكترونى التالى :



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منتدى هندسة الإنتاج والتصميم الميكانيكى
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

أهلا وسهلاً بك زائرنا الكريم
نتمنى أن تقضوا معنا أفضل الأوقات
وتسعدونا بالأراء والمساهمات
إذا كنت أحد أعضائنا يرجى تسجيل الدخول
أو وإذا كانت هذة زيارتك الأولى للمنتدى فنتشرف بإنضمامك لأسرتنا
وهذا شرح لطريقة التسجيل فى المنتدى بالفيديو :
وشرح لطريقة التنزيل من المنتدى بالفيديو:
إذا واجهتك مشاكل فى التسجيل أو تفعيل حسابك
وإذا نسيت بيانات الدخول للمنتدى
يرجى مراسلتنا على البريد الإلكترونى التالى :



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 كتاب Methods of Biochemical Analysis Volume 32

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Methods of Biochemical Analysis Volume 32
Edited by David Glick
Cancer Biology Research Laboratory
Stanford University Medical Center
Stanford, California  

كتاب Methods of Biochemical Analysis Volume 32  M_o_b_10
و المحتوى كما يلي :

Activator Proteins for Lysosomal Glycolipid Hydrolysis. By Ernst
Conzelmann and Konrad Sandhoff . 7
Isolation and Analysis of Cell Walls from Plant Material.
By Robert R. Seluendran and Malcolm A. O'Neill . 25
Electro-Optical Reflection Methods for Studying Bioactive
Substances at Electrode-Solution Interfaces-An
Approach to Biosurface Behavior. By Kiyoko Takamura
and Fumiyo K w u 155
Isoelectric Focusing in Immobilized pH 'Gradients: Theory and
Newer Methodology. By Pier Giorgzo Righetti and Elisabetta
Gianazza 215
Assays for Superoxide Dismutase. ByJoe V. Bannister and Lilia
Calabrese 279
The Radiation Inactivation Method as a Tool to Study
Structure-Function Relationships in Proteins. By Guy
Beauregard, Arlette Maret, Robert Saluayre and Michel Potier 313
Immunoassay with Electrochemical Detection. By WilliamR.
Heineman, H . Brian Hahall, Kenneth R . Wehmeyer,MatthewJ .
Doyle, and D. Scott Wright 345
Author Index 395
Subject Index
Cumulative Author Index, Volumes 1-32 and Supplemental
Volume . 423
Cumulative Subject Index, Volumes 1-32 and Supplemental
Volume .
Supplemental Volume
Absorbent and Fluorescent Substances, The Automated Analysis of,
Separated on Paper Strips (Boulton) .
Activation Analysis and Its Application in Biochemistry
(Loveridge and Smales)
Activation Analysis of Biological
Adenine, Enzymic Micro Determination, by Ultraviolet Spectrophotomet
Adrenal Gland, Steroozds of. Chroma
Adrenal Steroozds in Blood, Analysis
Adrenaline, Chemical Determination, in Body Fluids and Tissues (Persky)
Affinity Chromatography, The Purification of Biologically Active
(Plesnerand Kalckar) .
(Haines and Karnemaat)
(Carstensen) .
Compoundsby Aliphatic AmmoniumSalts
Polysacchurides from Tissues (Scott) .
Alternative Metabolic Pathways, Estimation
Amine Oxidares, Determination of (Kapeller-Adler) .
AminoAcid Analysis &-Liquid Chromatography,
Amino Acids, Analysis by Meaw of BrdiEka Reaction (Miiller)
Amino Acids, Determination by High-Voltage Paper Electrophoresis
Recent Developments in, (Mackenzie)
(Blackburn) .
Amino Acids, Determination by Ion Exchange Chromatography (Jacobs) .
Amino Acids, Determination by Use of Backrial AminoAcid Decarb
(Gale) .
Amino Acids, Separation and Determination by Gas-Liquid Chroma
AmmoniumSalts, Aliphutic, in tht Assay of AcidicPolysaccharides
Ampholytes,A Techniquefor Fractionation and Churacteriultion through
Isoekctric Focusing in+H Gradients (Haglund)
Analgesics, Analysis by Gas Phase Methods (Thenot and Haegele)
Antibiotics, Microbiological Assay (Kersey and Fink)
APplication of High Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Biological
Ascorbic Acid, Chemical Determination (Roe)
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Analysis of Biological Materialr by (Willis)
ATP, Determination of Fir$y Luminescence (Strehler and Totter)
from Tissws (Scott)
Systems(Campbell and Dobson)
Methods of Biochemical Analysis,Volume32
Edited by David Glick
Adin-Biotin, Use of, As Tool in Molecular Biology (Bayer and
Bacterial AminoAcid Decarboxylases in Determination of AminoAcrds
Basic Proteins, Preparation and Analysis of (Lindh and Brantmark)
Bile Acids, Separation and Determination of (Sjovall)
Biochemical Analysis, Computers in (Crabbe) .
Bile Acids,Newer Developmentsin the Gas Chromatographic
Determinatiun of (Kuksis)
Bile Pigments, Separation and Determination of
(Brodersen and Jacobsen)
Biochemical Applications of Magnetic Resonance
(Jardetzky and Jardeuky) .
Biochemical Nuckar Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy,
Biochemistry, Historical Development and Newer Means
Measurement in (Berger, Clem, Harden and Man
Recenf Developments in (Bock) .
Biochemistry,Laser Photolysis in (Chan and Austin) .
Biological Maleriab, Analysis by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (Willis)
Biological Materiab, Determination of Nitrogen in (Jacobs)
Biological Maleriab, Determination of Pwphynns in (Sch
Bossenmaier, and Dinsmore)
Biological Materials, Methodsfar Estimating Magnesium in
Biological Materials, Miimdetenrtination of Cobalt in
Biological Materials, Opaque, Spectrophotametry of; Reflection Methods
Biological Materiab, Determination of Zinc in (Malmstrom) .
(Alcock and MacIntyre)
(Saltzman and Keenan)
lucent, Spectrophotometry of;
Opal G k Methods (Shibata) .
Biological Standards in Biochemical Analysis
(Humphrey, Long, and Perry)
Biologzal Systems, Determination of
Biological Sys”Rc, Zon Binding in, Measured by Nuclear Magnetic

Resonance Spectroscopy (Forskn and Lindman) .
Bioluminesctnce Assay: Principles and Practice (Strehler)
Blood,Analysis of Adrenul Steroids in, by Countercurrent Distribution
(Cartensen) .
Blood, Determination of Ethyl Alcohol in (Lindquist)
Body Fluids, Chemical Determination of Adrenaline and Noradrenaline in
Biological Trace Elemen& Activation Analysis of (Leddicotte)
Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence Assay, Recent Advances in

romatografhic Analysis of Radioactive Iodine
COmpoundr from (Roche, Lissitzky, and Michel)
Bgfers, Containing Urea, Gel Ek-ctrophoresis in (Poulik)
Cahimtry as an Analytical Tool in Biochemistry and Biology (Spink and
Carbohydrate, The Determination of, in Biological Mat
Chromutography (Clamp, Bhatti, and Chambers)
Carbofydrate Derivatives. Separation of, by Gas-Liquid
Partition Chrmtografify (Bishop)
Carbohydrate Structure. Use o f Infrared Analy5is in Determination of
(Baker. Bourne. and Whiffen)
Carbonic Anhydrose Activity. Measurements o f (Davis) .
Carotene. Determination of (Bickoff) .
(Creveling and Daly) .
Cataloses. Assay of (Maehly and Chance)
Catechol Amine Biosynthesis and Metabolism. Assay of Enzymesof
Catechdamines and Catecholamine Metabolites. Estimation of Total
(Free + Conjugated). in Human Urine (Weil-Malherbe) .
Catechol Amines. Determination of (Weil-Malherbe)
Cell Biology and Medicine. Chemiluminescence as an Analytical Tool in
(Campbell. Hallett. and Weeks) .
Cell Particles and Macromolecules. Partition Methodsfor Fractionation of
(Albertsson) .
Cellular Electron Transport Systems in Liver and Other Organs.
Analysisof. by Absorbance and Fluorescence Techniques
(Sies and Brauser) . .
Cellulose Column Chromatography. Analysis of Mixtures
Cell Walls. Isolation and Analysis of,from Plant Material (Selvendran
Centnyugal Fast Analyzerfor Biochemical and Immunological Analyses.
Centnyugation. Preparative Zonal (Anderson) .
Chemiluminescenceas an Analytical Tool in Cell Biology and Medicine
(Campbell. Hallett. and Weeks) .
Chloride in Biological Materials. Determination of (Cotlove)
Cholesterol. Determination and Microscopic Localization o f (Kabara) .
Cholesterol Esters. Enzymatic Synthesis and Hydrolysis of
(Vahouny and Treadwell)
Choline. Chemical Estimation of (Engel. Salmon. and Ackerman) .
CholineAcetyhe. Measurements of (Sorb0 and Schuberth) .
CholineEsters. Measuremat of (Jenden) .
Cholinesterases. Assay Methodr for (Augustinsson) .
Cholinesterases. Determination of (Augustinsson) .
Chromatographic Analysis. Applications of the RMTreatment in (Bush) .
and ONeill) .
The Use of a .
Applications of the RMTreatment in. Erratum
Chromatographic Analysis of Radioactive Iodine Compoundsfrom the
Chromatograflhic and Electrophoretic Methodc. Analysis of Natural
Chromatographic Sefiaration of Sterods of the Adrenal Gland
Chromatography. Gas. in Determination of Bile Acids and Steroids
Chromatography. Gas. Separation and Determination of Steroidr by
Chrmbgraphy. Gar.Liguid. Determination of the Faty A d by (James)
Thyroid Gland and Body Flu& (Roche. Lissitzky. and Michel)
Radioactive Iodine C o m p o d by (Roche. Michel. and Lissitzky)
(Haines and Karnemaat) .
(Kuksis) .
(Homing. Vanden Heuvel. and Creech)
Chromatography, Gas-Lquid, Separation and Determination of Amino Aczdr
and Peptides by (Weinstein)
Chromatografihy, Gas-Liquid Partition, Separatiun of Carbohydrate
Chromatography, High-Performance Lquid: A tive
Dm‘vatives by (Bishop) .
(Hughes and Wilson) .
(Vaver and Ushakov) .
Application in Prolein Stnuture Determination
Chromatography, High Tmflerature Gas-Liquid, in Lipid Analysis
Chromatography, Ion Exchange, Detffminationof Amino
(Jacobs) .
Chromatography, Paper and Cellulose Column, Analysis of
Sugars by (Hough) .
Chromatography, of Proteins, Nwleic Act& Virwes, and Cells on
Nmharged Amphiphilic Gels, Hydrophobic Interaction, (HjertCn) . .
Chromatography, Thin-Laym (TLC)(Mangold, Schrnid, and Stahl)
Circular Dichroism and Its Empirical Applicatiwr t
(Johnson) .
Coball, Microdetainution of, in Biologtcal Malerials (Sal
Keenan) .
C o e n z y A, Methodsfor Determinat
Coenzyme Determination of (Crane and Dilley) .
Coenzymes,Infrared Analysis of (Rosenkrantz)
Collagen and Elastin, Analysis of the Crosslinking Componentsin (Robins)
Collagen and Elastin, The Determination of (Jackson and Cleary)
Color Reactions, New,for Determination of
Column Electrophoresis in Granular Media,
(Porath and Hjertkn) .
Compkxes,Metal Protein, Analysis of (Hughes and Klotz)
Complex Ion Solubility, Measurement by Use of Ion Exchange Resins
Connective-Tissue Macromolecules, Analysis by Determination of Certain
Constituents (Blumenkranu and Asboe-Hansen)
Contamination in Trace Element Analysis and Its Control (Thier
Cwlicoids, Flumimetric Analysis of (Silber)
Countercurrent Distribution (King and Craig) .
Countercurrent Distribution, Analysis of Adrenal Steroids in Blood by
(Carstensen) .
Creatinine and Related Guanidinium Compounds, Determination of
(Van Pilsurn)
Current, Constant, Mobility Determination by Zone E
(Waldrnann-Meyer) .
Cyclic 3’,5’-Adenatine Motlophsphute and Cyclic 3’,
Monophosphate, Analysis of (Goldberg and OToole)
CyclicAMP and Other Cyclic Nucleotides, Adenylate Cyche, and
Phosphadiesterase, Newer Deuelopmenh in the Determination of
(Brooker) .
Cyclochrome c Oxidare, SpettrophototnelricAssay of (Smith)
Danryl Reaction, Use of the, in Biochemical Analysis (Seiler) . .
Dehydroacorbic Acid, Chemical Determination of (Roe)
Dehydrogenuses, Determination of the Activityof Succinate, NADH, Choline
a-Glycerophosphate (Singer)
Denaturation, Reversible,of Proteins, Methods of Study and Interprelation
of Data for (Hermans, Jr.) .
Density Gradients, Rapid Electrophoresis in (Kolin) .
Deoxyribonuclease Activity,Assay of (Kurnick) .
Diapsis, Enzymatic Methods of (Amador and Wacker) .
Dialysis (Craig and King) .
Diaw-Positive Bile Pi'gments, Rec
Dt;ffraion, x-ray, in the study of
Analysisof (Heirwegh)
nd Nucleic Acid Structure
Diketogulonic Acid, Chemical Determination of (Roe)
Dissociation Constantc, Determination 06for Two-Substrate Enzyme Systems
Dissolved Gases in Biochemical Systems with the Quadrupole Mass
Spectrometer, Continuous Measurement of (Degn, Cox, and Lloyd) .
Electrochemical Detection, Biomedical Uses of High-Pefonnance Liquid
Chromatography with (Mefford) .
Ekxtrochemual Detection, Immunoassay with (Heineman, Halsall,
Wehrneyer, Doyle, and Wright) .
Ektron Probe M u r o a n a ~ m , A n Introduction to, and Its Application to
Biochemistry (Andersen) .
Electron Spin Resonance, Biochemical and Biophysical Application of
(Swartzand Swartz)
Ekctro-Optical R$ection Methodr for Studying Bioactive Substances at
Electroh-Solution Intefwes-An Approach to Biosurface Behavior
(Takamura and Kusu) .
Electrophoresis, Free Zone, Theoty,Equipment, and Applications
(Hjerth) .
Ek?CtT@hort?Sis, Gel, in Buffers Containing Urea (Poulik)
Electrophoresis, Gel Sieving; A Description of Procedures and Analysis of
Electrophoresis, Paper, Determination of AminoAcids at High-Voltage by
Electrophoresis, Rapid, in Density Graditnts Combined with pH andlor
ConductivityGraditnts (Kolin) .:
Electrophoresis, Zone (Kunkel)
Electrophoresis, Zone, Constant Cuwent Mobility Determination by
Ekctrophoresis in Granular Media, Go
(Porath and Hjertkn) .
Electrophoretic Methods, Analysis of Natural Radioactive Iodine Compounds
by (Roche, Michel, and Lissitzky)
Elements, Detwminatwn of, b X-Ray Emission Spectrometry
(Natelson and Whitford) .
Enthalpy and Entropy Changes, Determination b~Heatburst
Enzymatic Methods, in Diagnosis (Amador and Wacker)
(Vestling) .
EVOTS(Johnson) .
(Blackburn) .
(Waldmann-Meyer) . .
Recent Developments
Microcahimetty (Kitzinger and Benzinger)
Enzyme Activity, Automated Methodsfor Determination of (Schwartz and
EnzymeAssay, Radiometric Methodc of (Oldham
Enzyme Kinetics, Utilization of Automalionfor St
Enzymes,Assay of in Catechol AmineBiosynthesis and Metabolism
Enzymes, Detection of Ligand-Induced and Syncatulytic Conformational
(Schwartz and Bodansky) .
(Creveling and Daly) .
(Christen and Gehring) . .
Changes o f by Differatial Chem
Enzymes,Fluorimetric Assay of (Roth)
Enzymes, Immobilized,in Biochemical Analysir
(Everse, Ginsburgh, and Kaplan)
Enzymes,Proteolytic Assay of (Davis and Smith) .
Enzymes,Related to Serotonin, Assay of
(Udenfriend, Weissbach. and Brodie)
Enzyme Systems, Two Substrate, Delenination of Dissociation Constantsfor
(Vestling) .
EnzymicAnalysis of Steroid Hormones (Talalay)
Enzymic Determination of D-Glucose and Its Anomers,
Estrogens, Chemical Determination of, in Human Urine
in (Okuda and Miwa)
(Bauld and Greenway) . .
of (Barman and Travers) .
Fatty Acid Esters, A Critical Evaluation of the Gas Chromatographic
Techniqwfor I&ntijication and Determination of. with Particular
Refmeme to the Use of Analog and Digttal Computer Methods (Caster)
Fatty Acids, Determination by Gar-Liquid Chromatography (James)
Field Desorptwn Mass Spectrometry: Application in Biochemical Analysis
Field-Flow Fractionation, Analysis of Biobgicd Macrumolecules and
Particles By (Giddings, Myers, Caldwell, and Fisher) .
Firtjly Luminescence, Determination of ATP by (Strehler and Totter) .
Flame Photometty, Principles and Applicatimtc (Margoshes and Vallee)
Flavins, Chemical Detenninatia of (Yagi)
Fluids, Body, Chemical Determination of A
(Persky) .
Fluids, Body, Chromatographic Analysis of Radioactive Iodine Compoundr
from (Roche, Lissitzky, and Michel)
Flum'metric Analysis of Corticoidc (Silber)
Flumine, Determination in Biological Materials (Venkateswarlu) .
Folk Aczd Activity,Assay o f Compuundr with (Jukes)
Fo&hy&, Determination of, in Biological Systemc
(Frisell and Mackenzie) .
Fractionation of Cell Particles and Macromolecules, Partition Methodrfor
Free Energy Changes, Detennination by Heatburst Microcabrimetry
(Kitzinger and Benzinger)
Frog Skin Assayfor Agents that D a r k and Lighten Melanocytes
(Lerner and Wright) .
Gas-Liquid Chromatography. The Determination in Carbohydrates and
Biological Mat&& (Clamp. Bhatti. and Chambers)
Gel Electrophoresis in Buffers Containing Urea (Poulik) .
&Glucuronidases. Determination of (Fishman) .
UDP.Glwuronyltransferase. Glwose.6.Phos~hatase. a
Tightly-Bound MimosomalEnzymes. Techniquesfor the
Characterization of (Zakin and Vessey)
Glutamic and Aspartic Acids and Their Amides. Determination of (Balk) . .
Glutathione. Determination o f (Patterson and Lazarow)
Glycolipid Determination (Radin) .
Glycoproteins. Serum. Determination of ( r) .
Gradients. Density. Rapid Electrophoresis in (Kolin) .
Heatburst Microcalorimetry. Principle and Methods of. and
Determination o f Free Energy. Enthalpy. and Entropy Changes
(Kitzinger and Benzinger)
Heparin. Determination of Uaques and Bell) .
Hexosamines. Determination of (Gardell)
High-Pelfonnance Ion-Exchange Chromatography with Narrow-Bore
Heparin. Determination of Uaques)
Columns: Rapid Analysis of Nucleic Acid Constituents at the
Subnanonwle Level (Horvath)
Histamine. Determination of (Shore)
Histidine Decarboxylase. Determination of (Schayer)
Histtdine Decarboxylase Activity. Determination of (Schayer)
Hormones. Steroid. Enzymic Analysis of (Talalay)
Histamine. Quantitative Determination d McIntire)

Hormones. Infrared Analysis of (Rosenkrantz) .
Hormones. Plant. Analysis of (Bentley) .
Hyaluronidase. in vitro Determination (Tolksdorf) .
Hydrogen Exchange Data. Acquisition and Interpretation of. from Peptides.
Polymers. and Proteins (Barksdale and Rosenberg)
Hydrogen Isotope Exchange in Globular Proteins. Methods for Measurement
Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography of Proteins. Nucleic Acids. and
Cells on Noncharged Amphiphilic Gels. (Hjerten) .
Hypoxanthine. Enzymic Micro Determination. by Ultraviolet
Spectrophotometry (Plesner and Kalckar) .
Immunoassay of Plasma Insulin (Yalow and Berson) .
Immunoassay with Electrochemical Detection. see Electrochemical Detection.
Immunoekctrophoretic Analysis (Garbar)
Immunologzcal Techniquesfor Studies on the Biogenesis of Mitochondria1
Membrane Proteins (Werner and Sebald)
Infrared Analysis. Use of. in the Detemination of Carbohydrate Structure
(Baker. Bourne. and Whiffen)
Infrared Analysis of Vitamins. Hormones. and Coenzymes(Rosenkrantz)
Infrared Spectrometry. Analysis of Steroids by (Rosenkrantz) .
Inositol. Determination 05in Liptdes (McKibbin)
Immunoassay with
Iodine, in Biological Material, Determination of (Binnerts) .
Iodine CompoundF,Natural Radioactive, Analysk by Chromatographic and
Iodine Compound, Radwactiue,from Thyroid Gland and Body Flu&
Chromatographic Analysk (Roche, Lissitzky, and Michel)
Ion Bindtng in Biorogical SystemsMeasured by Nuclear M a p
Resonance Spectroscopy (Forsen and Lindrnan)
Ion Exchange Resins, Measuremat of Complex Ion S
Electrophuretic Methods (Roche, Michel, and Lissitzky)
(Schubert) .
(Hirschbein and Guillen) .
(Whitehead and Dean)
Kestose, Determination, in P rodmts (de Whalley and Gross) .
Isotope Derivative Method in Biochemical Analysis, The
a-Keto Acid Determinations (Neish)
17-Ketostero&, Urinasy Neutral, Ass
Lipuse, Lipoprotein,Assay of, in vivo
Lip&, Determination of Inositol, Ethanolamim-, and Sen'
Lipui Transfer Activity, Quuntitation
Lipopo&ins, Serum, Ultracentrifugal Analysis (de Lalla and Gofman)
Lipomfuse Activity,Memuremat of (Holrnan) .
Lipoaygwe (Lipoxzduse),Determi
(Grossman and Zakut)
(Kobayashi and Maudsley) . .
Luciferin and Lutiferase, Measuremat
Lysosomal Clycolipid Hydrolysis, Activator Proteins for (Conzelmann and
LysozytmActivity,Methodc for Determination of (Grossowicz and
Magnesium Estimation, in Biological MatniaO (Alcock and MacIntyre)
Magnetic Resonance, Biochemical Applicationsof
Mammalian CelO, Density Gradient oresis of (Tulp) .
Mass Spectrometry. Analysis of StproidF by (Gasdell) .
Mass Spectrometry,Field Desot-ption: Application in BiochemicalA d y k
Mass Spectrometsyin the Determination of Structure of Certain Naiu
Products Containing Sugars (Hanessian)
Melanocytes, Darkning and Lightaing, Frog Shin Assayfor
(Lerner and Wright)
Metabolic Pathways, Alternutive, Estimation of Magnitudes of (Kop
Metabolism, Analysisof Phenolic Compoundsof Interest in
(Bray and Thorpe)
Metal Buffers, Applications,in Biochemistry(Raaflaub)
Metal Indicators, Applicatim, in Biochemistry-(Raaflaub) .
Lip& Analysis (Sperry) .
(McKibbin) .
Lipoprotein Lipme, Assay of. in vivo and in vitro (Korn)
(Jardetzky and Jardetzky)
Metal-Protein Complexes.Analysis of (Hughes and Klotz) .
Microbiological Assay of Antibiotics(Kersey and Fink)
Microbiologzcal Assay of VitaminB 12 (Hoff-Jorgensen) .
Microbiological Assay of Vitamin8 1 2 (Skeggs) .
Microbiological Determination of VitaminB6
Microparticulate Gel ChromatografihyAccelerated by Cent
Mobility. Determination by Zone Electrophoresis at Constant Current
Molecular Size. Estimation of. and Molecular Weights of Biological
Compounds by Gel Filtration (Andrews)
Morphine. and Related Analgesics. Analysis by Gas Phase Methods
(Thtnot and Haegele)
Mucopolysaccharides. Sulfated. Determination o f Uaques)
Negative-Ion Mass Spectrometry. Fused-Silica Capillary Gas
(Storvick. Benson. Edwards. and Woodring) .
orce and
Pressure (Ribi. Parker. and Milner)
Chromatography of Neurotransmitters and Related Compounds
(Faull and Barchas)
Neuraminic (Sinlic)A&. Isolation and Determination of
(Whitehouse and Zilliken)
Nitrogen. Determination in Biological Materialr (Jacobs) .
Nitrogenous Compounds. Basic. of Toxicological Importance. Analysis of
Noradrenaline. Chemical Determination. in Body Fluids and Tissues
Nucleic Acid. Structure. X-ray Diffraction in the Study of
Nuckic Acids. Chemical Determination of (Webb and Levy) .
Nucleic Acids. The Determination of (Munro and Fleck)
Nucleic Acids. Estimation (Volkin and Cohn)
Nucleic Acids and Their Derivatives. Microbiological Assay of (Miller)
Nucleic Acids of Various Confonnational F o m and Measurement of Their
Associated Enzymes. use of Ethidium Bromidefor Separation and
Determination of (Le Pecq) .
Investigative Tool. Polarography and Voltammetryof
(Elving. OReilly. and Schmakel)
Study of Biopolymers (Tinoco. Jr.) .
(Curry) .
(Persky) .
(Holmes and Blow) .
Nwkosides and Nucleotdes and Their Parent Bases as an Analytical and
Optical Rotatory Dispersion. Application of. and Circular Dichroism to the
Organic Phosphow Compounds. Determination of. ty Phosphate Analysis
Oxidations. Periodate. Use of. in Biochemical Analysis (Dyer) .
Oxygen Electrode Measurements in Biochemical Analysis
(Lessler and Brierley)
Paper Chromatograms. Direct Scanning of.for Quantitative Estimations
Paper Chromatografihy. for Analysis of Mixtures of Sugars (Hough) .
Partitiun Methodsfor Fractionation o f Cell Particles and Macromolecules
Peptide Chromatography. Automatic Uones) .
(Lindberg and Ernster)
Pepttde Mapping of Proh'm uames) .
Peptides. Separation and Detenninafion. by Gar-Liquid Chromatography
(Weinstein) .
Peptides. Terminal and Sequence S in. Recent Developmentsan
Technqwsfor (FraenkeLConrat. Harris. and Levy)
Peptides and AminoAcid in Normal Human Urrtle. Separation and
Quantitation of (Lou and Hamilton)
Pmodate Oxidations. Use of. in Biochemical Analysis (Dyer) .
Peroxidares. Asray of (Maehly and Chance)
Phase Partition-A Methodfor Purtfcatwn and Analysis of Cell Organelles
and Membrane Vesicles(Albertsson.Anderson.
Larsson. and Akerlund)
Phase Partition. Interaction Behueen Biomokcules Studied by (Albertsson)
Phenok Compound of Interest in Metabolism (Bray and Thorpe)
Phenyhlanine and Tyrosine in Blood. The Measuremeni of (Robins) .
PH Gradients. Isoelectric Focwing in-A Techniqwfor Fractionation and
Charmhimtion of Amphlytes(Haglund)
pH Jump. The: Mwmnokcules and SolutMns by a her-Induced.
Ultrcr~hmt. Proton Pulse. Probing of-Theory and Application in
Biochemistry (Gutman)
PH and Similar Variables. Recent Developmats in Control of
(Jamesand Lumry)
pH-Stat and Its Use in Biochemistq (Jacobson. Lkonis.
Linderstrbrn.Lang. and Ottesen)
Phosphate Analysis. Detennination of Organu Phsphwur Compound by
(Lindberg and Ernster) .
Phsphlipases. A. C. and D.Determination of the Activity of.
(Grossman. Oestreicher.and Singer)
Phosphorimetry. as an Analytual Approach in Biochemistry
(Winefordner. McCarthy. and St.John)
Phosphorus Compound. Organic. Determination of. by Phosphate Analyses
(Lindberg and Ernster) .
Photometry. Flame. Principles and Applicatiom of
(Margoshes and Vallee) .
Phytate and Inositol Phosphates. the Determination of (Oberleas) .
Plant Hormones. Analysis of (Bentley) .
Plasma.Detenninatwn of 1721-Dthydroxy-ZO-Ketosteroeroidc in
(Silber and Porter) .
Plasma Insulin. Immunoarsay of (Yalow and Berson)
Platelet-Activating Factor Isohtion. Identification. and Assay (Hanahan
and Weintraub) .
Pohrographu Analysis of Proteins. Amino A d . and Othm Compoundr by
Means of the Brditka Remtion (Muller)
Polarographu Oxygen Sensors. Adaptation of9for Biochemical Assays
Polysaccharides. Acidic.from Tissues. Aliphatic AmmoniumSalts in the
Assay of (Scott) .
PolysacchaTides. End Croup Analysis of (Smith and Montgomery) .
Polysmcharides. Sugars in. New Color Reactionsfor Determination of
Polyunsaturated Fdty Acids, Measurement of (Holman) .
Porphyrins in Biological Materials, Determination of (Schwartz, Berg,
Bossenmaier, and Dinsmore) .
Prostaglandins, Separation, Identification, and Estimation
(Shaw and Ramwell)
Protein, Structure, X-ray Dffraction in t h Study of (Holmes and Blow
Protein, Terminal and Sequence Studies in, Recent Developments in
Techniquesfur (Fraenkel-Conrat, Harris, and Levy)
Protein-Nucleic Acid and Protein-Protein ComplexesbJ Dfferential
Chemical Modifcation, Mapping of Contact Areas (Bosshard)
Proteins, Analysis bJ Means of BrdiEka Reaction (Miiller)
Proteins, Basic,Preparation and Analysk of (Lindh and Brantmark) .
Proteins, Mitochondria1 Membrane, Immunological Techniquesfor Studits
Proteins, Polarography of. Analytical Principles and A#
ProteinS, Reversible Denaturation oJ Methods of Study and Interpretation
Protein Sequence Analysk, Sold Phase Methods in
on the Biogenesk of (Werner and Sebald) .
Biobgical and Clinical Chmistry (Homolka) i .
of Datn fur (Hermans, Jr.) .
The Purines, New Methodsfur Punjication and Separation of
(Bergmann and Dikstein) .
Quantitative Mass Spectrometric Analysis: Chemical and Biological
Applications, Integrated Ion-Current (IIC) Technique of
(Majer and Boulton) .
Relationships in Proteins (Beauregard, Maret, Salvayre,
Radiation Inactivatiun Method as a Tool to Study Structure-Function
and Potier) .
Chromatographic Analysis of (Roche, Lissitzky, and Michel)
Radioactive Iodine Compuundr,from Thyroid Gland and Body Fluids,

Radioimmunoassayof Polypeptide Hormones and Enzyms (Felber)
Radiorespirmtry (Wang) .
Rqjnose, Determination in Plant Products (de Whalle
Resins, Ion Exchange, Measurement of Complex Ion Stability, b~ Use of
Resonance, Magnetic, Biochemical Applications of
Ribonuclease, Characterization oJ and Determination of Ils Activity
RMTreatmat, Applications in Chromatographic Analysis (Bush)
RMTreatment, Applications in Chronktographic Analysis, Erratum
Selenium in Biological Materials, Determination of
Uardetzky and Jardetzky)
(Josefsson and Lagerstedt)
(Bush) .
(Olson, Palmer, and Whitehead)
Serine, Determination of. in Lipides (McKibbin)
Serotonin: Thc Assay of Hydroxyindole Compounds and Their Bwsynthetic
Enzymes (Lovenberg and Engelman) .
Serjne, Determinatiun06inBiologicalSystems,(Friselland Mackenzie)
Serotonin and Related Metabolites, Enzymes,and Drugs, Assay of
(Udenfriend, Weissbach, and Brodie)
Serum Actd Phosphatases, Determinations (Fishman and Davidson)
Serum Glycoproteins, Determination of (Wider) .
Serum Lipoproteins, Ultracentnfugal Analysis of (de Lalla and Gofman)
Sialic Actdr, see Neuraminic Acids
Solid P h e Immunoassay, Use of Magnetizable Particles in
-SH Groups in Proteins, Determination of (Benesch and Benesch)
Sodium and Potassium, Measurementsof,by Glass Electrodes (Friedman) .
(Pourfarzaneh, Kamel, Landon, and Dawes)
Spectrometry, Infrared, Analysis of Sterotdr by (Rosenkrantz) .
Spectrometry, Principles and Applications (Margoshes and Vallee)
Spectrometry, X-ray Emission, Determination of Elements by
Spectrophotometric Assay of Cytochrm c Oxidase (Smith)
Spectrophotometric O q h o g l o b i n Method, Measurement of Oxygen
Consumption by (Birzu) .
Spectrophotometry, Ultraviolet, Enzymic Micro Determination of Uric Acid,
Hypoxanthine, Xanthine, Adenine, and Xanthoptm'ne by
(Natelson and Whitford) .
(Plesner and Kalckar) .
Spectrophotometry of Opaque Biological
Spectrophotometry of Translucent Biological M a t d l s ; Opal Glass Method
Ir; Reflection Methods

is (Humphrey, Long,
Steady State Kinetics of O q g m Uptake by Biochemical Samples,
Polarographic Measurement of (Degn, Lundsgaard,
Peterson and Ormicki) .
Steroid Hormones, Enzymic Analysis of (Talalay) .
Sterotdr,Adrenal, in Blood, Analysis by Countercurrent Distribution
Steroids, Analysis by Infrared Spectrmtty (Rosenkrantz)
Steroldr, Newer Developments in the Analysic of, by Gas-Chromatography
(Wotiz and Clark)
Steroids, Newer DevelopmenLsin the Gas Chromatographic Determination of
Subzero Temperatures in Biochemistry: Slow Reactions, The
Sugars, Analysis of Mixtures, by Paper and Cellulose Column
Sugars, the Determination of Structure of Certain Natural Produ&
Chromatography (Hough) .:.
Containing Sugars (Hanessian)
Sugars. in Polysaccharides. Determination. New Color Reactionsfor
Sulfatases. Assay (Dodgson and Spencer)
SulfhydrylGroups. Determination in Biological Substances
(Chinard and Hellerman)
Superoxide Dismutase. Assaysfor (Bannister and Calabrese)
Temperature-Jump Method for Measuring the Rate of Fast Reactions. a
Practical Guia'e to (Yapel and Lumry) .
Thrmodynamic Flow Methods in Biochemisty: Calorimety. Densimety and
Thiamine. Methodsfor the Determination of (Mickelsenand Yamamoto)
Thioctic Acid. Assay of (Stokstad. Seaman. Davis. and Hutner) .
Thyroid Gland. Chromatographic Analysis of Radioactive Iodine Compounds
f r m (Roche. Lissitzky. and Michel)
Tissues. Aliphatic Ammonium Salts in the Assay of AcidicPolysaccharides
Tissues. Body. Chemical Determination of Adrenaline and Noradrenuline in
Tissues. Determination of Ethyl Alcohol in (Lundquist)
Trace Element Analysis. Contamination in. and Its Control (Thiers) .
Transaminare. Determination of (Aspen and Meister) .
UDP-Enzyme Systems.Measurements of (Pontis and Leloir) .
Ultracentrifugal Analysis of Serum Lipoproteins (de Lalla and Gofman)
Ultrafilter Membranes in Biochemistly (Jacobs) .
Ultraviolet Spectrophotometly. Enzymic Micro Determinations o f Uric Acid.
(Dische) .
Dilatmtty Uolicoeur)
f r m (Scott)
(Persky) .
Ubiquinone. Determination of (Crane and Dilley)
Hypoxanthine. Xanthine. Adenine. and Xanthopterine by
Urea. Ammonia. and Urease. The Determination of (Kaplan
Urea. Gel Electrophoresis in Buffers Containing (Poulik)
Uric Acid. Enzymic Micro Determinations. by Ultraviolet Spectrophotometly
Urinay Neutral 17.Ketosteroids. Assay of (Engel)
Urine. Determinution of 17.21-Dihydroxy-20-Ketostroidc in
(Silber and Porter) .
Urine. Human. Chemical Determination of Estrogens in
(Bauld and Greenway) .
ViswllBiochemistry: New Insight
Genome (Vollenweider) .
VitaminA. Determination of (Embree. Ames. Lehman. and Harris) .
VitaminA and Carotenoids. in Blood and Tissue. Microdetermination of
(McLaren. Read. Awdeh. and Tchalian) .
VitaminB6. Chemical and Microbiological Determination o f (Storvick.
Benson. Edwards. and Woodring) .
Vitamin B 12. Microbiological Assay of (Hoff-Jorgensen)
VitaminBIZ.Microbiological Assay of (Skeggs)
Vitamins. Infrared Analysis of (Rosenkrantz)
Xanthine. Enzymic Micro D
(Plesner and Kalckar) .
(Plesner and Kalckar)
Structure and Function of th
Vitamin E Determidion (Lehman)
(Plesner and Kalckar) .
n. by Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry
Xanthopterine, Enzymic Micro D e t e n n i n a h , Ultraviolet
X-Ray Dffraction, in the Study of Protein and N w l e u Acid Structure
X-Ray Dffraction Analysis, The Growth and Preliminaty Investigation of
X-Ray Emission Spectrometty, Detmminutwn of E h t c by
Zinc, Determination of, in Biologital MateTMLF (Malmstrom) . 3 327
Zone Electrophoresis (Kunkel) . 1 141
Zone Electrophoresis, at Constanl Current, Mobility Determination 6y
Spectr@hotmtty (Plesner and Kalckar) . 3 97
(Holmes and Blow) 13 113
Protkn N w l k c Acid Clystals for . 23 249
(Natelson and Whitford) . 12 1

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