كتاب Debonding - Delamination of Composites
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 كتاب Debonding - Delamination of Composites

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أخوانى فى الله
أحضرت لكم كتاب
Debonding - Delamination of Composites
(Le Decollement et le Delaminage des Mateiaux Composites)
oe Paperspresentedat the 74th Meeting ofthe AGARD StructuresandMaterialsPanel,  heldin Patras,Greece24th-29thMay 1992  

كتاب Debonding - Delamination of Composites  D_d_o_10
و المحتوى كما يلي :

Preface/Prface iii
Structures and Materials Panel iv
Free Edge Delamination Prevention in Composite LaminatesI
by NJ.Pagano and SR.Soni
Delamination and Fatigue of Composite Materials: AReview 2 :
by T.K.O'Brien and W.Elber
Initiation and Prevention of Edge Delamination with and without Residual Stresses 3
by R.S. Sandhu. G.P.Sendeckyj. GA.Schocppncr and L.E. Pappas
Numerical Anal) sis of the Thermoelastic Effects in Laminate.d Structures and 4
its Use in the Identification of Defects
by D.Van H-emelrijclc et a].
Predicting Failure by Debonding/Delamination 5
by G.A.O. Davies and P Robinson
GARTEUR Damage Mechanics for Composite Materials - e
Analytical/Expenimental Research on Delaminations
by M.Gadkc et a].
Buckling and Post Buckling Behaviour of a Delamnination in a 7
Carbon-Epoxy Laminated Structure: Experiments and Modelling
by D.Gucdra-Degeorges, S.Maison, D.Trallero and .I.L.Pctitniot
Progressive Delamination in Polymer Matrix Composite Laminates: 8
ANew Approach
by C.C.Chamis. P L.N. Murthy and L.Minnetyan
Delamination Damage and its Effect on Buckling of Laminated Cylindrical Shells 9
by R.C.Tennyson and SR. Kumar
Fracture Analysis of BMI System in Presence of Moisture 10
by G. Barbiso and M.R.Boccuti
Modelisation and Computation of Composite Materials I1I
Edge Dellamination of Composite Laminates 12
by C.Poon, N.C. Bcllinger, Y.Xiong and R.W. Gould
Synergism between Layer Cracking and Delaminations in MD-Laminates of CFRE 13
by H.Eggers. H.C.Goctting and H.Biuml
Paper 14 cancelled
Delamination Development under Fatigue Loading 15
by R.M.Aoki and J.Hcyduck
Numerical Finite Element Analysis of Damage using Monte Carlo Techniques 1e
by G.v'an Vinckcnroy and W.P. De Wilde
Mode 11 Damage Development inCarbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics 17
by MJ. HIlcy and P.T. Curtis
Barely Visible Damage Threshold in a BMI 18
by E.Demnuts and R.S.Sandhu
The Influence of Particle/Matrix: Debonding on the Stress-Strain Behaviour of 19
Particulatc Composites
by E.E.Gdoutos
Identification of Delamination by Eigenfrequency Degradation - 20
An Inverse Problem
by B.Stamnos. V.lKostopoulos and S.A.Paipetis
Investigation of the Bond Strength of aDisca ete Skin-Stiffener Interface 21
byH.G.SJ.Thuik and J.F.M.Wiggcnraad
Defect Analysis using Advanced Interpretation of the Reflected Wave during 22
Ultrasonic Scanning
by L.Sdiillemansecial.
Paper 23 withdrawn
Damage Detection by Acousto-Ulteasonic Location (AUL) 24
by ZY.PMarioli-Riga, AXN.Karanika, T.P. Philippidis and S.A. Paipetis
Prediction of Delamination in Tapered Unidirectional Glass Fibre Epoxy with 2S
Dropped Plies under Static Tension and Compression
by MR. WisnomReference
Allowable Compression Strength for CFRP-Components ofFighter Aircraft 2e
Determined by CAI-Test
byJ.B&ucr, G.Gtinther and R.Ncumcier
Repairing Delaminations -ith Low Viscosity Epoxy Resins 27
by AJ.Russell and C.P.Bowers
Numerical Determination ofthe Residual Strength ofBattle Damaged Composite Plates 28
by T.Schneidcr, J.Mows and M.Rother
Effect ofImplcts on CFRP Structures, Results ofa Comprehensive Test 29
Program for Practical Use
by 1. Kreber
Mode I Interlaminar Fracture ofa Continuous ECR Glass Fibre-Polyamide 30
12-Composite as a Function ofThermal Treatment
by G.C.Christopoulos. G.C.Papanicolaou and K.Friedrich
Recorder's Report ofFiual Round-Table Discussion R
by S.L Donaldson and C.Kindervater  

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كتاب Debonding - Delamination of Composites
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